Vegas Baby

September 2013

this picture just doesn't do justice

this picture just doesn’t do justice

We celebrated the Husband’s birthday in Vegas this year.We both been to Vegas before, but this was our first trip together. Raga opted out, so that it Ashok (B-I-L), me and the Husband in Ashok’s awesome batman-type car. As we drove down from San-Diego to Vegas, we ran into a few showers. We could see great grey storm clouds rolling in the distance, and caught glimpses of what lies beyond as lighting ripped open the fabric of the skies. Best of all, we drove through the most amazing sunset ever, stopping just long enough to take pictures.

IMG_0482We checked into our hotel and headed out almost immediately. The plan was party all night long. We started with getting some glue for my broken heel and then the Mix. The Mix is a covered rooftop nightclub with a great view of the city. I entered a cubicle in the Ladies’ Room to fix my broken heel, and wooaahh.. the exterior was made of glass. You get a spy on the city as you..ahem.. go about your business, without worrying about the city getting a sneak peek at you. The elevation and angle ensures there’s no direct visibility unless someone’s flying by in a copter.

We started off with a really expensive dinner at the celebrity chef’s restaurant attached to the Mix. Delicately flavoured tiny portions with the ability to blow a crater in your pockets. After partying to our hearts content we moved to the tables. I had tried playing craps before at Atlantic City, but had no idea how it was played. This night, we figured it out. Kind of, atleast. I have long since forgotten, but that night we played. It was almost like in the movies. Once we exhausted our budget, we  decided to call it a night.

We started the next day with brunch at the Bellagio. What an awesome spread they had. Stuffed till we could eat no more, we practically rolled ourselves out. We headed out to Hoover Dam. At the time of its construction/completion, Hoover Dam was the tallest dam in the world. It used to be the largest producer of hydroelectric power in the world until 1948. Today, it is no longer the tallest, the largest by volume or the largest hydroelectric power producer, but remains among the biggest and best-known dams in the world.


We headed back to Vegas for our next big event – a Cirque du Soleil. After much debating on which show to catch –  the new Micheal Jackson show or the well known “O”, we had locked on “O”. We settled into our seats prepared to be amazed, but what happened in the next 90 minutes was waaaaaaaay beyond amazing. Our minds were well and truely blown.The jaw dropping acrobatic performances, the superb synchronization, the sheer  dare devilry, left us astounded. The costumes, sets, choreography and the way they are used to convey emotion and carry the wafer thin plot ahead was absolutely extraordinary. This performance gets a double thumbs up from me, it was 90 minutes of  pure spectacular.

IMG_0479Over dinner I introduced the Husband and the B-I-L to sake bombs. After a few initial minutes of disbelief, and some consultation with Google, they agreed to watch as I thumped the table to drop the sake into the beer. Post dinner we went back to the craps table, where I threw very lousily, or should I say crappily. Two double 6s in a row!! Damn!! where is this luck when I’m playing ludo??

Las Vegas Airport

Las Vegas Airport

The next day, after a rather average lunch at a small Indian buffet, we headed to the airport while Ashok drove back to SD.


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