Tomorrow, we can eat healthy, but today is for ICE-CREAM!!


When we were kids, we spent almost every summer with our maternal grandparents in Chennai. Life in Chennai was distinctly different from life in Mumbai. People there followed the dictum of early to bed and up by sunrise. The weather was unbearably hot. Things was slow and dull. Time just wouldn’t pass. It was only the promise of ice-creams that kept  tempers and tantrums in check. Late in the afternoon, my aunt would take 3/4/6 of us cousins to the Aavin Ice-cream parlour as a treat for behaving well all day. Aavin, those days had just 3 flavours – Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. We generally settled for chocolate in the little garden surrounding the shop.

U-Dairy Creamery is Delaware’s Aavin. This is where we go to celebrate, or when we are feeling low, or have had a fight.

This creamery is a part of the UD dairy farm, and the teaching and research programs in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Delaware. It is a non-profit organization and all proceeds go back to the College. Undergraduate students are responsible for running the creamery and developing it as an independent and sustainable business.

But that is not why we go there. We go there for the absolutely divine ice-creams. They have a whole bunch of amazing flavours to choose from. My favourite is the Ch-Ch-Ch-Chocolate. Black Forest comes a close second. At $2.25 a scoop and an additional dollar for a waffle cone, these ice-creams are a steal. If the weather permits take your ice-cream to the benches at the Botanical Gardens and enjoy it there.


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