About Me



I’m Vidya Murugan. Writer,  Editor, Photographer and Wife at Half the Story.

Mountains,  oceans, little villages, old forts, big cities they all simply call out to me. I am fortunate to have had friends who indulged my madness. When I got married, I discovered that the husband was bitten by the travel bug too; that was just discovery  #1. Ever since we have been traveling and discovering a whole new world. So much for settling down!

This blog is my personal account of our travels and travails.

I started Half the Story to connect with you, listen to your stories and share mine. So don’t feel shy – leave a comment, laugh with us or at us, feel free to disagree. Let me know if you would like to write for us, or would like us to write for you. We would love to collaborate. Drop us a line at vm.travelstoriesandmore@gmail.com.

I have a full time job on a construction site, and am currently working towards my Masters in Sustainability Management. Life  keeps me busy and I’m thankful for that. My travelogue isn’t just my creative outlet, it’s my happy space. I am thrilled that you have chosen to be a part of my journey. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Stay Blessed,


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