Blast from the Past


jaipur udiapur.jpg

Today’s post is a blast from the past.When I was working in Delhi, I took my parents on a trip to Jaipur and Udaipur. Amma was keen on the architecture. They were flying in from Bombay. I was flying in from Delhi. Their flight landed before mine. I had reserved  rooms for us at heritage stays. When I reached the hotel, I found them having breakfast on the roof. The look on their faces when they saw me, was priceless. Their joy,  excitement, and pride was so evident that the German (I think) couple on the next table broke into smiles. “You must be their daughter.”, they divined.

Later the same friendly gentleman enquired,” Is he a strict father? Is he compelling you to get married?” ( or something on those lines). It was my turn to laugh.


Museum of American Finance


Note to self – Never agree when the husband says, meet me in the city in the middle of a work day.

Pictures1He asked me to meet him and then went to say hello to a colleague, promising to be back in ten minutes, while I browsed the Museum of American Finance on Wall street . Thirty minutes later, he took the ferry and rushed off to his meeting without as much as a goodbye!


Murder Mystery Dinner

August 2015

We went for a Murder Mystery Dinner – one of those interactive plays, where the audience is split into teams, given different clues, asked to interview each other and the actors, trade information and generally guess who the culprit is

murder mystery dinner 2

We didn’t solve the mystery. The food was very average. The service was terrible.

murder mystery dinner 3

Did we have fun ? Yes!Yes!Yes!

The Cathedral of Saint Basil

If I walk the noisy streets,
Or enter a many thronged church,
Or sit among the wild young generation,
I give way to my thoughts –

– A. Pushkin

Saint Bails Cathedral.jpg

Be honest, doesn’t it look a castle in a Disney version of the Arabian Nights? I imagined this crazy candy crush structure would be in some hard to spell, harder point out on the map place like Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan, but no – it’s in Moscow. It’s no castle either, it’s a cathedral. It’s colourful and whimsical, and absolutely fascinating on a whole other level. The Cathedral of St Basil holds deep religious and historical meaning and symbolism. It has eight chapels set around a ninth one to form a perfect eight-sided star. The star can be interpreted in several ways religiously. In the old Jewish calendar, the number eight represents the day of Christ’s Resurrection. This mid-16th century magnificence was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible as both a mark of gratitude to his God for his victory over the Mongols and a tribute to himself that would remind people of his greatness long after he was gone. The nine chapels mark victories in the battles fought  between the Khanate of Kazan and Muscovite Russia.  The architectural entirety represents the Heavenly Kingdom from the Book of Revelation of St John the Divine.There have been many additions and renovations since.

What fun it will be to explore this beautiful building, with a matching  swirly ice-cream cone in hand!

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Kings and Queens

Photo courtesy Flickr

I’ve seen African Lions in Kenya and Asian Lions in India. Next on my list is to see the Desert Lions.

The place to see these lions is the Namib desert of Namibia. Another reason to visit Namib desert  is that it is the oldest desert in the world. Other inhabitants of the Namib desert include the Himba tribe. What is so unique about the Himba people is that each  each Himba belongs to the clan of both their mother and their father. How beautiful!

*Original photo can be viewed here. If this picture belongs to you,please let me know if you have any objections to my using it and I will take it down. If not, thank you for letting me use it.