Chocolate Cravings

Chocolate by the Bald ManThe other night we drove out 45 mins to try the famous chocolate by the bald man at Philly. We made it just in time for the last order. We loved what we ordered so much, that we were quite disappointed when they said the kitchen had closed and they couldn’t take another order.

We went back another night. Philly, as always, was out of parking space. After circling around for a good half an hour, we decided to take out and eat it in the car. The Husband stayed in the car, while I went in to try our luck. I was expecting to get just milkshakes, so I was pleasantly surprised when they said I could get a sundae as take out. They built our yummy sundae into a plastic glass with a domed lid. The kind of glass, they give milkshakes in. The sauces/ toppings were packed separately in little containers. The whole thing was handed over to me in one of those cardboard cup-holder trays. I was impressed.

How were the sundae and the milkshake? They made our 45 min each way drive and the half an hour parking hunt quite worth it.

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