Another Old Friend – Another New City

Another Old Friend - Another New City

Learning her Beer!!

When we moved to Stamford, I did a quick check on my FB to see if anyone I knew was around. I didn’t really expect the search to yield any results, but it did. FB said Livea James lives in Stamford.
At first I wasn’t sure – should I message her? after all these years? We were good friends in school, but have not been in touch for more than a decade now. Would it be very awkward? The svelte woman striking supermodel-like poses in her FB albums was a far cry from the gawky schoolgirl I knew. She had turned into a successful professional, was well traveled, and an accomplished cook to boot. But I did message her, and I’m glad I did. While she is all of the above, she is also still the same person I knew all those years ago.
Back in school, we used to form a team with 2 others every year for the inter-school science project competitions. We won most of them. Livea was always most competitive one on our team. She would be eternally exasperated at our faffing around on project hours, while we would be constantly assuring her that we would get all the work done in time. Our first project was on terrace farming and drip irrigation. Our next project was on disposal of industrial waste. How guilty we felt, because we took the lab assistant’s help to weld together an incinerator! Our most challenging project was probably the one on using a gamma knife to cut out malignant tumors. If only I could remember half the research we had done for it! Our most popular project however, was on treating cancer… for the life of me, I cannot remember how! All I remember is it had something to do injecting a photosensitive pigment into the malignancy and then destroying it using light. This was a super-fun project to build. We even had live mice as a part our exhibit; a great draw for all the visiting students.
Livea has been a perfect dear. She has taken a lot of effort to help us settle into Stamford; right from aiding us in our house hunt by advising us about the localities and apartment complexes to guiding us on the best places to shop and eat locally. She and her husband, Nevil, are no doubt our best find in Stamford.
Just for the record, that sampler was shared by both our husbands, and not guzzled down by her.