Pride Parade 2015


June 28, 2015.

This year’s pride parade was extra special because of the Supreme Court ruling  passed the Thursday leading up to the parade weekend. Same sex marriage is now legal across the United States of America. Collages10

The parade was like one big party on the streets. LGBTQ or not, people turned out in droves in a show of solidarity. Afterall everybody needs somebody to love! 


The day started out cloudy with a light drizzle., but hey how do you make a rainbow without any rain! and you know what else you need to make a rainbow – sunshine! So later the sun showed up.

Pride Parade 2015

I am so glad we got there early. By the time we were getting out, the sidewalks were packed like Bombay’s infamous local trains. In that mad crush, some people thought it was wise to bring along their babies in strollers and dogs. Poor creatures must be convinced they were brought here to show what happens to LGBTQ supporters. Quite the opposite of what their parents/humans intended, me thinks. Pride Parade 20151Meanwhile, somewhere in India..