Bali on my Mind – 2


While in Bali, one simply has to get that Instagram waterfall picture, but I think I’ll skip.  I am going to put relaxing in an infinity pool with my baby over trudging hours over hills and through forests, with a baby on my back. Another popular thing to do, is to visit the monkey forest. I’ve seen enough moneys to happily give it a miss. While the LO might be delighted by their antics, in their natural habitat, she might also get bitten or scratched. I am also going to do my hardest to not go to the Elephant farm. Maybe we’ll take the LO to one when she’s older, but right now I’m in a zone where I think wild animals in captivity is heartbreaking. It’s irresistible to see these mighty creatures up close, to touch, feel and ride them, but it’s terribly sad too.


Bali on my Mind

img_2912So, Bali has been playing on my mind lately. So much so that I can’t stop thinking about it. I have a severe case of travel restlessness that I think only Bali can cure. Our last real vacation was to London and Scotland last summer. As scared as I am about traveling with the LO, I want to do it while she is still too little to protest, has fewer needs and can be worn in a wrap or carrier.
What is it about Bali that has caught this traveler’s fancy? The fancy and in my mind absolutely affordable (unresearched) resorts with private water terraces, infinity pools, exotic spas, clean dining options, beach access and reliable child care. I can see me now slipping into the pool, while someone watches my baby close by. Cool, green, fresh!
Other things on my list include cycling (haha) through the terraced rice fields of Ubud; working in the rice padi and learning to cook Balinese food. Somewhere in between I would catch a ‘kecak,’ (a traditional dance) performance. With a childhood filled with temple holidays, you would think they hold no fascination for me, and rightly so, yet I would not want to skip the Tirta Empul water temple.
While on water architecture, I would also not want to miss the Taman Tirta Ganga – Amlapura’s water-loving raja’s multilevel aquatic fantasy features two swimming ponds ornamental water features filled with huge koi and lotus blossoms.