Cape Cod – Sea, Sun and All Things Fun

Sep 6, 2015DSC_1301

We had opted to stay in Hyannis for its central location. It was only on Day 2 that we realised that we may have been better off staying in Provincetown since we had no intention of covering the southern parts of the Cape.Our first task this morning is to find food. Every place we want to go to is either closed on Sundays or is yet to open for the day. Finally we opt to walk down the main street of Hyannis and walk into a whatever is open. We brunch at the strangest little place. I’m convinced the kitchen staff is waiting on our section. The man  simply disappears for the longest periods of time leaving diners unattended! When the food finally arrives, it is so-o not worth the wait. Disappointed, we head over to Box Lunch and pack their famous sandwiches for tea. 

DSC_1308At the very tip of the Cape is Herring Cove Beach. This beach is part of the National Coastguard Seashore and our sanctuary for the afternoon. The day is hot and the waters are like thick sheets of cool clear glass. As the evening breeze starts to blow, we hop over to race point beach. Here we spot what we think are seals swimming at a distance. Interestingly, the air station and that road over the sand have all disappeared like magical cottages in fairy tales.  As the sun starts to get lower and lower on the horizon, everyone on the road seems to be headed towards a “sunset beach”. We are forced to drop the much acclaimed Coast Guard Beach and make straight for Rock Harbor Beach.  We are well rewarded for a little sacrifice. The sunset is gorgeous. The sky blushed pink as the sun kissed her good night. The sea gently hugged the sun as he retired, and a cool breeze fanned his flushed face.

DSC_0053The sun was done, but not us. We still have a lighthouse to cover. We drive to the Chatam lighthouse. We are just in time to see it glowing softly as the sky changes from  pink to twilight violet. When inky blackness set in, a strong light beam sweeps across the waters alerting sailors of yore, and keeping pirates at bay.

We turn our lights towards Groton. We have promises to keep!



I’m a very difficult person to surprise,but the Husband pulled it off when he whisked me off to Miami for the 4th of July weekend. I did suspect it,  and tried baiting him but he managed to tenaciously hang on to his surprise till the very end.

Miami was warm and balmy.  We decided that first thing we wanted to do was to hit the famous South Beach. The full extent of it’s popularity hit us when we got there. There was absolutely NO PARKING available. Giving up, we decided to hit the Haulover beach.


There were 2 things that struck us immediately at Haulover. One was the lovely, warm, clear, perfect for dipping waters. the second was the lack of light skinned people on the beach. The beach was populated almost entirely by dark/black skinned people. This lead me to research a little on this beach. Although I did not find any reason for the demographics, I came to know that the northern end is partitioned  off as a clothing optional beach. As chance would have it, this was not the end we visited.

DSC_0166Having had our fill of the beach, we moved on to Bayfront park at Biscayne Bvld for dinner and a spectacular display of fireworks. Just as the fireworks ended, as if on cue, there was a strong gust of wind, followed by a sudden shower. Wet and happy was how we ended the first, and as we realised, pretty much every day of our vacation.

DSC_0732-1Day 2 and 3 were reserved for Key West and the Everglades. On the last day, on our way back from Fort Lauderdale, we decided to take one more stab at South Beach.This time  we found parking. It took a while, but ultimately we found a spot really close to the beach. This beach is not popular for nothing. Clean white sands and clear green waters make it an easy favourite.  Looking around, it very soon became obvious that this beach was something of a hive for same sex lovers.  It seemed a little odd to me that there were so many men with other men, yet so few of the women seemed to be with other women.Perhaps women have a separate beach or a different section.

When we finally tore ourselves away from there, it hit us, that making it to the flight back is going to be a close call. Tearing through the airport, we managed to make to boarding with 7  odd mins to spare.