Bali on my Mind – 2


While in Bali, one simply has to get that Instagram waterfall picture, but I think I’ll skip.  I am going to put relaxing in an infinity pool with my baby over trudging hours over hills and through forests, with a baby on my back. Another popular thing to do, is to visit the monkey forest. I’ve seen enough moneys to happily give it a miss. While the LO might be delighted by their antics, in their natural habitat, she might also get bitten or scratched. I am also going to do my hardest to not go to the Elephant farm. Maybe we’ll take the LO to one when she’s older, but right now I’m in a zone where I think wild animals in captivity is heartbreaking. It’s irresistible to see these mighty creatures up close, to touch, feel and ride them, but it’s terribly sad too.


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