Walmarts, Waterfalls, Wineries and Icecream

Memorial Day weekend 2016


photo courtesy – everyone and a stranger

This weekend also included multiple trips to local walmarts, (our version of buying milk and eggs from friendly farms with dogs and pigs), a pitstop at the Black Bear winery (a winery that made wine from sorts of fruits and berries, but grapes), the Taughannock falls and icecreams the Cayuga Lake Creamery.


Photo  Courtesy – everyone

Of the Black Bear winery, I have to say that the girl pouring at tasting was most thorough, washing out the glasses after each tasting and providing some background on the wine as well. We didn’t like any wine enough to buy, but it was a fun experience.

niagara falls winter and finger lakes5

Taughannock Falls in Summer and Winter

The last time we were at the Taughannock falls was two winters ago when we drove up all the way hoping to see the Niagara falls frozen over. There too much water, flowing too fast in the Niagara for it to completely freeze over, so on the way back we stopped over at the Taughannock falls.  On the same trip we ate so ice-cream at the Cayuga Lake Creamery, which we haven’t gotten over since. Never did we imagine we’d be back to either of these places.


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