Of Fathers, Daughters and Sons

Aug 1, 2015

akashs bday group pic

They say San Diego has the best zoo in the world. It truly is a magnificent zoo. After a lot of debate about not having his party in the park as always and wanting a reptile birthday, our little boy got to bring in his BIG FIVE at reptile house at San Diego Zoo. Appa and I visited together for Akash’s 1st and 3rd birthdays. We even had our own little adventure on our way to his first. Incidentally my first time at San Diego zoo was with Appa too. We ended up walking all around the massive grounds just looking for the bus stops. By the end, both of us were exhausted. I guess I should have seen the signs, but it was a lot of walking and we were still a little jet lagged.  Appa, we missed you terribly.

Akash's big 5 at the zoo

Junnu leads the pack through the reptile house;pointing out the snakes and at times reading the information plaques

Akash's big 5 at the zoo2

The babies don’t want to leave the play area. Slides are FUN!!

Akash's big 5 at the zoo1

Time to munch on the goodies in the goody bag

Akash's big 5 at the zoo3

Egging goats to fight at the petting zoo

Akash's big 5 at the zoo4

Snack Time! Tacos and Bro-made Sandwiches

Akash's big 5 at the zoo5

Singing for Cake



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