Cape Cod – Dune Bashing (or not)

Labor Day Weekend, 2015


Homemade icecreams seem  to be the rage here in Cape Cod, and we end up eating some terrible icecreams before we set off for the Race Point Lighthouse

We raced towards race point lighthouse as the light started to fade. It was dark by the time we made the turn at the air station. It strikes us as a somewhat odd place to have an air station but we have a lighthouse to reach. We drive past the air station and reach a sign that instructs us to go left. “This is all sand. There is no road.” “The sign says go left, so just go. Look  tyre tracks”, I say. ” What if we get stuck?”, he counters. We turn around. When we get back to the air station, there are two cars there. We pull up beside them. The husband reluctantly approaches the closer car and asks how to get to the lighthouse. The kind old gent, gives him a long looks and responds with a question of his own,” Do you know how to let the air out of your tires?” To drive over the dunes, you need to reduce the air pressure in your tyres to 12 lbs per sq.inch, or you risk getting stuck in the sand. When you get back, you need to refill to road pressure. We look at each other and decide to find another way or another lighthouse.


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