2 little boys and LegoLand

6th Aug, 2015

“Akash, are sure you want to go on the big rollercoster?”

“Yes, but are you sure you want to go on it Chitti?”

DSC_1723We were at Legoland today – Tarun (Tannu, aka T), Akash, Meera, Mahesh (Bro), Chitra (S-I-L aka C) and me. The day was not going exactly as expected, but it was still great fun. For starters, Legoland is not a place to build super legos. It’s an amusement park like Disneyland.

DSC01322There is a witch of a store at the entry, and like the witch’s house from Hansel and Gretel was covered with all things nice to eat, the store windows were plastered with displays and posters of all kinds of things to build.  For Tannu, it was love at first site. He had his heart set on buying a Ninjago. He spent the whole day going disconsolately from ride to ride, waiting for the promised moment when the “fun” would end and we would go to the store. The lines were surprisingly long for a weekday.Afraid that we would spend all our time in lines, Bro dearest went and got us a fast track pass which promised to cut our wait time by half.


hanging out at the park

Our first ride was the coastersaurus – a baby rollercoaster. The boys picked driving for their next ride. Dropping off C and the baby in play area, we proceeded to the driving arena.  Once they got their licenses, we put our heads together to pick the next ride – the kid power tower. This ride involves hauling yourself up a tower and the free sliding down the side.Since Akash was keen on doing the pedal ride, we stood in line for around 20 minutes and then agreed that everyone likes this ride so everybody wants to do it; we should go do some other ride that people don’t like as much.

The big brothers take their baby sister on a train ride

The big brothers take their baby sister on a train ride

We took our lunch at a pizza parlor all the way across the park. It was while scouting for lunch that Bro spotted the Lego Technic rollercoaster. He was thrilled and it all it took to get the little boys pumped was ” Who wants to go on the B-I-G rollercoaster?”  Thankfully, we could use our pass to reserve a spot on this one.I reason, how scary can a ride meant for 48″ minimum be, and get into the little car. Once strapped in, I give Akash my best advice for all rides – close your eyes and yell your lungs out! At the end of the ride, he steped out shaking his head “Bad!”, and then out jumped T shouting, “AWESOME!!!” Akash’s opinion of the ride suddenly changed to “BEST RIDE EVER!!” Talk about peer pressure!

DSC_1694Ice-creams and a few rides later we walk down to Skipper School. Bro decides the boys are tall enough to go by themselves. The boys are very excited by the prospect. Akash jumps into a boat and sets off. On his insistence, I follow in the next boat. Just as T steps forward, the guy who waves people by looks and says,” He can’t go by himself. He’s not tall enough.” “He went!”, the not tall enough T pointed indignantly to his cousin. The man is flabbergasted. All the same, Bro got into the boat with T. Akash struggled to man his boat. Since his foot didn’t reach the gas sitting, he valiantly stood on the peddle, amid shouts of  “Sit down! Sit!!”. He managed a little on his own, I butted and pushed a bit, and then a worker at the ride jumped in to help. When they reached the finish line the little man’s face was shining like a new penny.

Speaking of pennies, the Skipper School water was littered with coins. “People throw coins in thinking it’s good luck, but it’s not” intones Akash. “Why? Why is it not lucky?”, quizzes Tannu. Akash thinks for a moment and replies,” Because you’re losing money. It is not good luck to lose money. It’s bad luck to lose money.” I am stumped.

of stingrays and mantarays..

of stingrays and mantarays..

After Skipper School, T at long last got to go to the store, while Akash and I headed off to the Aquarium. Bro and Tannu caught up with us there. C and baby Meera had gone home much earlier. We spent the last bit of our day listening to the little boys chatter on about the characteristics of different fish as they spotted and identified them.


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