Flights of Fancy

Aug 29, 2015

Surprising the husband is not very difficulty as he is usually quite oblivious to what I’m doing or saying. However, it can be very very taxing as he can be stubborn as a bull in not doing as directed unless he knows why and adamant on doing things at his own pace, sending your best laid plans for a toss. We almost didn’t make it in time for his early birthday surprise – a flying lesson with Essex Air.

IMG_0981Saam Dhaam Dand Bhed and Lady Luck got us to the airfield on time. I thought experience could have been much better. I understand that it is not possible to give a first time pilot full control of the airplane, after all the instructor’s life is at risk too but the instructor could have been more generous. I have heard of instructors who take you up and do a few tricks with you – barrel rolls, nose dives…. our’s didn’t do a thing – not even when I asked if killing the throttle completely would send the plane into a nose dive.


On the whole, I was a tad disappointed but it is hard to disagree that it is one kickass birthday present!


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