Paint Nite with Mommy

1st Aug, 2015

IMG_0944A painting is but a journey through the painter’s soul! Mommy’s is unfettered; bold and stormy. The husband’s is strong and clean with neat  strokes and well defined spaces. How perfect everything looks! See that tiny star in his inky blue sky. Incongruous with the time of the day; like a little speck of randomness in his otherwise correct world – that’s me! 🙂

Mine own painting is very fluid. The colours flow freely into each other. The stars scattered across the sky add a touch of whimsical, that is often associated with me.

IMG_0942Our Paint Nite was really an afternoon filled with fun, laughter and lots of colour. At one point we almost turned back because of all the traffic on the road, thinking we’ll never make it in time. We reached late, but were able to catch up quite easily. Very soon, we were very glad we didn’t give up before we even started.  It was the husband and mommy’s first time. Mommy ended up with a van Gogh while the husband’s painting looks like  a Henri Rousseau!


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