La Dolce Vita

July 12, 2015


Photo Courtesy – Siddharth Subramaniam

After *watching Djokovic lift the champions cup in Wimbledon, we headed out to bike,boat, barbeque and do all those things that sweet summer is made for.

DSC_0907The plan was to head out to Wampus Pond and we followed the plan. Wampus pond is a small water body, with an even smaller picnic area. Given the relative obscurity of the place, there were not too many people besides us. We modified one of the two blackend grill cum fire pits with 2 two logs from the boot of our car. How we came to have wood in our car is a long story, most of which can be read here. While the rest of our band of merry men (and a women) went about getting the barbeque going, I spread out our picnic mat under a beautiful shady tree and settled in with a book and a glass of wine.

DSC_0945This time we were trying a Mediterranean marinade recipe I came across on the internet and modified to my own convenience. The recipe goes like this – chop up the veggies and put them in a zip lock bag. Make a paste of Morrocan kefta rub, olive oil and chopped parsley. Add the paste to the ziplock containing the veggies and toss well.  Let the vegetables marinate for an hour or two. The husband used the same marinade for his salmon. The green flecks of chopped parsley add a visual pop to the skewers. Since different vegetables grill at different speeds, when you put a medley of vegetables on the same skewer, it is nearly impossible to get it done to perfection. My solution – grill all the veggies in a basket and make the skewers later. This is not a perfect solution. I have now realized that vegetables take much longer to grill that I had earlier anticipated. Meat – chicken particularly , gets done much faster. The best way to go about it would probably be par cooking/roasting the vegetables in advance, so you don’t have to wait endlessly for your food, or attack half done vegetables like a ravenous cave-woman.


Photo Courtesy – Ganesh Sankaran

Wampus pond offers row boats for rent. We missed taking the last boat out by 5 minutes. Not one to give up easily, Mr.SS convinced the young man at the rentals to let us have a boat, promising him that we would bring it back in time. SM and I took  the first go at rowing. Ten minutes later, we had managed to make it out of the water lilies, but much to the consternation of the merry men we were making full moons on the surface of the pond.  Mr.SS went next. As the gentlemen fought and figured  how to stop going around in circles, SM and I swung our legs over the sides and relished the cool water lapping our feet.

Wampus Pond

Once on dry land, Mr. SS manfully struck a few poses for my camera, while I belted out instructions “One foot on the tree” ” Shoulder up” ” Great!” ” Now pretend to walk towards me..”

DSC_0982After our little photo session- or perhaps before, I forget, the others grab their bicycles and take them for a spin. I am content to lie under the green canopy and immerse myself into the world where summer lasts decades and winter, generations.

* We watched it on the telly

**La Dolce Vita – a life of indolence and self-indulgence


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