May 29, 2015

Twice a year, around summer solstice, the setting sun  perfectly aligns with every east–west street of the main street grid of Manhattan, New York City.  In an unimaginative spin on the *Stonehenge,this mini phenomenon called the Manhattanhenge.

What in God's name is going on?

Druid, where’s my car?

We missed it last year, but I was determined to witness the glory of the it all this year.IMG_0513

Even though it was too cloudy to see it, a whole bunch of people thought nothing of blocking the traffic and clicking away on their phones and cameras.IMG_0521

Ultimately that made a better spectacle than the celestial-engineering wonder we were all trying to witness.

*Stonehenge is so constructed  by ancient men that when seen from the centre of the circle the sun lines up with the certain stones on solstices.


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