Warwick Winery

April 4, 2015

It’s the first real weekend of spring. Clear blue skies, a happy yellow sun, crispness in the air and Saturday make a great combo. Wistful Winter in her robes of white is forgotten as soon as you set your eyes on Spring laughing at your doorstep. It’s impossible not to love this beautiful boy child with golden curls, bright blue eyes and an upturned mouth.

2015-04-05We decide to get the car washed and then drive up to Warwick for wine tasting. Warwick Winery is like a whimsical dream set amid bucolic bliss. Individual tables have been put up on grass for some fun in the sun, but there is still a nip in the air so is on one sitting outdoors.There are more tables in the covered patio and they are all taken. The tasting room is simply teeming with people. There is absolutely no place at the bar. We are asked to wait for 15 minutes or so as there is a big group tasting going on. There’s live music playing in the café, and all the tables in there are taken too.  We walk around the store cum tasting room, doing our best not to knock anything down.

Collages9Finally, we manage to squeeze ourselves by the tasting bar. The wines are palatable, but have a long way to go. This is, however,a fine tasting experience. Our pourer is well informed and guides us on what notes to expect in each wine. There are bottles of water and little ice buckets helpfully kept on the bar to rinse  glasses between tastings. We get to keep the glasses as souvenirs. This is included in the price of the tasting.   My only suggestion for improvement in this department would be to be generous with the wine. All other wine tasting we have done has been more liberal.

Not wanting to go home yet, we drive to Bellvale to sample the ice cream at Bellvale Farms. We get ourselves thick ice cream sundaes, topped with chocolate fudge and a cherry. The ice creams are good but nowhere close to the velvety goodness of  Cayuga Lake Creamery.           .

IMG_3092A breathtaking sunset brings this heavenly day to close.  Spring is here to stay for a while and make all our dreams come true.


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