Holiday Markets of New York City

I love holiday markets – the cheer, the colours, the crowds, the chatter, and most of all the cider. This season (2014-2015), it so happened that I visited four of NYC’s popular holiday markets. First I went to Columbus Circle to catch up with Eight Thousand  Miles. Another day, I went ice skating at Bryant park with visitors from Canada, and stayed back to explore the market. On my way back from the Gingerbread Lane exhibition I had to pass through Grand Central and couldn’t resist the urge to go around the Vanderbilt Hall holiday market. Later that same evening, while waiting for our friend *Mr.S.S  at Union Square we took to opportunity to take a peek into the Union Square market and came back with 3 new housemates –Tilottama, Urvashi and Rambha.

our new housemates

our new housemates – naughty is the new nice

I found that markets at Union Square and Columbus Circle being the oldest were also the most popular. Bryant Park is fast catching up though. The market at Bryant Park is a much longer market than the other three, starting at the end of October and running till around January 4th. The other markets open in December and end on Christmas eve. If you are willing to spend that **little bit extra, these markets are a great place to score unique gifts.

Union Square Holiday Market

Now, if you missed the markets this year, or didn’t to buy that lovely scarf you fell in love with don’t fret. Most of the pop-up stores at these markets are regulars. It is very likely that you will see them again next year, provided you are in NYC next December. I will be and I know exactly what I’m going to buy. Until then, return all those unopened impulse purchases and put the money aside. I’m doing just the same.


*Mr.SS  – Sidharth Subramaniam

** a little more than little really


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