Ginger Bread Lane


Who do you think lives in Ginger Bread Lane?

Down by the station and up on the hills

Old Mother Goose? Little Boy Bill?

ginger bread lane

The bookstore is run by Dana and Ben,

They could be elves or really small men

Those people at the shop that sells authentic Yule logs

They speak French, but I’m sure they are frogs!


Chef Steve they say, is the sweetest imp

You’ll know him when you see him, he walks with a limp

I once heard the witch at the ribbon shop say

She can roll pierogies better than Faye

Those Construction Co. goblins are never upto any good

They never do a job as well as they should


Mrs.Penguin who runs the skating rink

Loves to dress up in satins and pink

The Bear at the carousel is a carefree chap

With a flower in his buttonhole and a feather in his cap

Hotel Plum Pudding is the nicest place to stay

When you visit Ginger Bread Lane this holiday!!


Sugar plum roofs, Peppermint panes

Doors with knockers made of candy cane

It’s a special stop on the Holiday Train

Let’s go, let’s go to  Gingerbread Lane!!

I made the long trip to Queens to see the Gingerbread Lane exhibit at the New York Hall of Science. Housed  along a circular corridor on the upper level of the building, this exhibit is a treat. Gingerbread Lane is complete with lovely homes, an ice rink, a carousel, a police station, a railway station, a fire station and a whole lot of delightful shops. The inhabitants of this quaint lane-town must be tech savvy  e-communicators, because I didn’t see an old fashioned post office there.

The exhibit is on display till 1:00 pm on January 11, 2015 and then these houses will be given away on a first come first serve basis ( 1 house per person).


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