Toronto – Poutine

The locals decided if there’s one thing we have to do in Canada it is eat poutine. So, after a night out in the city, we were taken to a poutanerie. To the unacquainted, poutine is french fries topped with cheese curds and  gravy(usually beef) .  For a french fries lover like me, I can finish an entire meal sized box by myself. Yes, they did have veggie options where we ate, and not one but three.  For a french fries hater like the husband –oh putin!! what fresh horror from hell is this!!


The story goes that a restaurant regular once asked the  restaurateur  to add a handful of  cheese curds on some french fries, to which the restaurateur is said to have exclaimed, “ça va faire une maudite poutine” (“it will make a damn mess”), and that is how the dish got its name. I wonder if the name could have come from the French putin though.

There was a line to place your order and then another line to pick it up, but hot french fries in the middle of the night, with cheese and toppings, (that too after a few drinks) how can it not be worth it?


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