A Nest for the Birds

Phew!! (See notes for details on centre pieces)


We did our first Ikea build this weekend – a coffee table and a side table for the living room. Ikea is great for countries like the United States where labour is so expensive, but in a country like India, I think it makes very little sense. I would have to pick up boxes that I can barely lift, load them on to a trolley,maneuver it to check-out, then pick it up again and load in in my car/truck, unload it at my destination, carry it indoors and assemble it myself, all for a factory designed piece. For less effort, and the same or slightly higher, maybe even lower price I could get unique design fully customized to my requirements. Also, when I employ a carpenter to make my furniture or I buy from a local workshop, I am providing an honest means of living to skilled workers. I do understand that the conditions they work in and the wages they get are far from ideal and fair, even so I think it makes more social sense in countries like India.

Tool Kit

Tool Kit

My father taught me how to use tools, and with that he taught me something more important – not to let gender define what you can or cannot do.  The tool set on the table is something he gave me when I was much younger. I haven’t used it much, but just having it makes me feel like I can fix things if I need to.


Notes –

Kulfi-Ice cream on table made using  Indian Simmer‘s recipe. It doesn’t taste exactly like kulfi ( that’s why the icecream), but it is yummy. The recipe makes 32 such small cups

Wine bottle on the table from our  tasting trip to Mountain View Vineyards.

Wine bottle holder from the Sister’s trip to Australia. Notice the Marsh Crocodile motif on it.


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