Groton, MA – Far, Far Away from the Maddening Crowd

We spent the Labor Day long weekend in rural idyllic. Groton is around an hour away from Boston, and  a far cry from  urban spaces. We visited my mother’s old colleague and her husband there.  We drove through the leafy inner road and reached a house that was so different from the others. Aunty and Craig are both such wonderful people, it is no surprise that their house was so wonderful too. It is built in a very contemporary style – clean sharp silhouette, with big windows to let in light, air and the cats. The cats – they have 3.

Tiger Dada

Tiger Dada

Tiger- the big guy. If you want him to come to you, you got to go down on your knees and spread your arms like Shahrukh Khan. He will come close and then scoot past like a coy Bollywood  heroine. He is so skittish!!

Princess Bella

Princess Bella

Bella -the princess. She is pretty as a princess and as haughty as one too. I love how she ‘puts up’ with he adulation the Yogi showers on her.

Yogi- The Hunter

Yogi- The Hunter (picture courtesy – Ganesh Sankaran)

That brings to Yogi – the hunter. He is the youngest of the lot and the most playful. His favourite game is stalking and hunting. Mostly he’s stalking and practice pouncing on Bella, but he can also be engaged in a game with a  slipper. He will hide under the bed or table and follow the slipper sneakily from behind the cloth. When he thinks you/the slipper is not paying attention, a little paw ( sometimes two) out will dart out and grab it. He is also the only kitten I have ever known to bite in play. Yes, bite not scratch.He will let you pet him and pamper him, and the moment he senses you are looking away, you’ll feel his teeth.

A lazy canoe trip down the river

A lazy canoe trip down the river

The house is just as lovely on the outside as it is on the inside. It has a lovely firepit in the front yard, around which Craig made us a great rounds of margaritas at night. They have a small vegetable garden, 3 acres of woods, and a canoe.  We took the canoe down to the river one morning and saw something I never thought we would see in the US – a herd of cows bathing. We also saw  beautiful turtles sunning themselves.


The husband and I are convinced, this is life. We’ll have 2 boys – to chop the firewood, to  load, unload and row the canoe and shovel the driveway when it snows; 2 girls – to rake the yard, tend to the vegetable garden and fix things around the house; 2 big dogs – for security and few cats to keep the pests away.


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