Lake Minnewaska

Lake Minnewaska

Lake Minnewaska

Last Saturday, we went to Lake Minnewaska State Park in New York. Although the park has several trails, it is recommended to first timers that they do the  2 mile long trail that takes you around the lake. This trail is more like a long leisurely walk  on a grit paved carriageway, with some scenic views. The walk is dotted with picnic spots and has several selfie worthy points.

Mountain Path

Mountain Path

If the mountain goat in you is not satisfied with walking tamely along the lake, take the mountain trail for a real walk in the woods. This trial branches off the  Minnewaska  carriageway and is not a loop. They say it is 1.2 miles to the top, but it sure felt longer.The path down is a 2.5 mile long grit paved carriageway that re-joins the Minnewaska  carriageway. It took us around 2.5-3 hours to get back to the parking lot.


Mountain Man

As always, carry sufficient water and a few health bars.

The Lady is a Tramp

The Lady is a Tramp (Photos courtesy Ganesh Sankaran aka the Husband)

Bathing is permitted in the lake. Bathers are requested to swim only in the permitted section and when a life guard is present. Had we known this, we would have taken our swim wear along. Beware of leeches in the water though.

There are changing rooms and restrooms near the swimming area. The restrooms are dry toilets. They do not use any water. All waste is composted in pits below the building. A good green initiative, but it does make the toilets stinky.

Yunhi kat jaayega safar saath chalne se..

Yunhi kat jaayega safar saath chalne se..

Once you’ve worked up an appetite with all the walking and swimming, Mountain Brauhaus is a great place to sit down for dinner.This restaurant features traditional German food but includes  some  American dishes as well. We stopped by at 7:00 PM on a Saturday evening and the place was packed to its gills. There was a 1 hour 40 minute waiting! There is a self seating section outside with a limited menu. The bar is self seating as well, with full service. So try to grab bar stools if you can. The food was quite worth the wait. However they bungled up our bill payment. Although the place was not as full anymore by the time we finished our dinner, and despite having brought out the correct check, when the card was charged and the receipt was presented for signing, the amount charged was 10 times the billed amount. When this was pointed out they were quick to correct their mistake, but I strongly recommend checking before accepting the bill and signing the receipt.


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