Cycling in Liberty State Park, NJ

Liberty State Park, NJ

We thought we would go to Watkins Glen State Park, NY this weekend. Hiking and camping were on the cards. Saturday came and found us fast asleep till high noon. When we woke up, we settled on cycling in Liberty State Park instead. Now the cycle rentals there shut at 6 PM. By shut, I mean you have to return the cycles by 6 PM.  We reached the park a little before six, thinking you just had to rent out before closing hours, so we couldn’t  rent  cycles. This turned out to be not such a bad thing after all as the park does not have too many trees, so there is no shade so to speak over the cycling lanes and even at 6 PM the sun was still going strong.

The highlights of Liberty Park are – you get a great view of the NYC skyline; the Statue of Liberty cruises from here are way cheaper than the cruises from Battery Park NYC; a lovely shady family picnic area that can be reserved. As far as cruises go, you could take the Staten Island ferry from Manhattan, which is absolutely free, but the ferry does not take you as close to the statue as tourist boats do.



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