The Roadtrip from Phoenix to San Diego- Day 3, Part 2

Day 3 – The Redemption – (Antelope Canyons and) Sedona

We finished viewing both Antelope Canyons by lunch time. After lunch we got into the car, and as we gathered ourselves for the long long drive ahead the husband had yet another change of mind. Our misadventure with American Airlines on Day 1 had earned us a $200 voucher. The car rental company told us we would save around $150 if we returned the car at Phoenix instead of at San Diego (SD) as planned earlier. If we didn’t drive we would save on gas. Two tickets from Phoenix to SD would cost us around $400. We bought ourselves flight tickets from Phoenix to San Diego.

That however, was not the end of our roadtrip. Since we had time to spare, we decided  to drive down to Sedona before returning the car and taking the flight. Our GPS decided the adventure cannot end so soon, so it put us on a path through absolute .. absolutely nowhere. We drove past stunning scenery, and a herd of sheep till we reached a road block. Since the GPS wouldn’t help,we turned around and asked google maps to show us an alternate way. The GPS continued to insist we ignore the road block, even asking us to go off road at one point. Then we hit another block. A long line of cars ahead of us had come to a standstill. Soon a long line had formed behind us as well. The road ahead had been temporarily shut for re-tarring. Half an hour later we were on our way again.



We reached Sedona close to sunset. To reach the town center we drove through  the gorgeous Slide Rock Park, drinking in the view. The tired sun on his way home bathed the red rocks with his warmth and made them glow against the blue skies. Coral on Turquoise.I highly recommend rolling down your windows and breathing in the smell of this place. I can’t quite place it except that it was good.

The drive through Slide Rock Park

The drive through Slide Rock Park

In Sedona, the husband wanted to go the see the red rocks while I was keen on checking out the vortices. A vortex is a spot where you can feel the earth’s natural energies. Some are positive, some negative and some neutral. I am not a believer, but I am inquisitive. Finally we reached a consensus on where to go.The Bell Rock vortex was smack on the scenic byway, so we could do both.


Scenic Byway

Scenic Byway

We parked in the parking lot at the Cathedral Rock vista and made our way towards the Bell Rock. As we approached the Bell Rock we saw a man walking ahead of us pause and make some gestures not once but twice. Unable to contain my curiosity I caught up with him and chatted. He was asking permission to enter. It was something he had learnt from a tribe in Mexico. He sat down at the bottom of the rock. I asked him if he had ever made it to the top. He said  no, the energies were too strong for him up there. Curiouser and curiouser, I asked where we could feel the  energies and he replied “Why right here, but you have to slow down. If you are so high on your own energy, you won’t be able to feel a thing.

Bell Rock Vortex

Bell Rock Vortex

I decided the rock was calling me and acted on it. The stranger said there was a trail and if we couldn’t find it, “follow your heart“. Sure enough, there was a trail, but oddly a short distance later the trail just disappeared. From here the only way up was to scramble over the rocks. For someone who has spent her childhood summers scrambling over wave breakers at the local beach, it was fairly simple. The husband decided he preferred to stay where he was and take pictures. I stopped at the foot of the Bell. We were running out of time and the husband was already making furious gestures below. I sat down for a few minutes to feel the energies, but all I got was dirty looks from the husband.

I didn’t feel any energy wash over me, or get a headache, or feel dizzy. I didn’t feel a thing. I guess I didn’t wait long enough for my own energies to cool off.  Energy or no energy, the place is magnificent and the climb is fun. It probably gets progressively harder, which would explain the rush when you get to the top.

Breath In

We made it to Phoenix  airport well in time for our flight. The flight took off on time and landed safely in San Diego. On the way to the airport we saw  what I can only describe as this incredible beam of dark. A perfect contrast to the light beams we went looking for in the Upper Antelope Canyon.

A beam of Dark

A beam of Dark

From the disastrous start to the fabulous finish this trip has definitely been more than more than we bargained for.


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