Whale and Dolphin watching at Cape May

We finally made the long journey to Cape May. Yet again, there were so many people headed in that direction that we only just made it to the whale and dolphin watching boat. We were the last 2 people to get on to it.

Since it was my second such excursion, I was mentally prepared for 3 hours of boredom at sea with the off chance that we might spot a whale. The first trip was in San Diego with Subi, Reva and Rose Aunty. We didn’t see any whales on that trip but we saw dolphins. Dolphins are by nature friendly and curious. They find the fast moving boats fascinating and will often swim right next to the boats.

Dolphin spotting in an San Diego

Dolphin spotting in an San Diego

On this trip too, we saw dolphins. Infact we saw them very early in the trip, swimming quite close to the shore. I had read that dolphins can be seen frolicking in the water along the Jersey shoreline, but never really believed it. Later when we went to Cape May beach, we actually saw the dolphins from the shore.  What I’m getting at is, you really don’t need to go on a boat ride to see dolphins at Cape May, just go to the beach.

Did you know, in the wild, the average lifespan of a dolphin is 45 to 50 years. In captivity, 2 out of 3 dolphins do not live for more than 90 days. The ones which do, do not live for more than 4-5 years and often develop blindness or catch other diseases from swimming in the same water for extended periods.

Dolphins at Cape May

Dolphins at Cape May

If you do take the boat, go prepared for long intervals of doing nothing. Carry a lot of music or a book. Also carry a lot of water, sun protection and a hat. If you have motion sickness a book might be a bad idea. It might also be a bad idea then to sit in the front or on the upper deck. The best place for you would be the back of the boat, on the lower deck. Make sure you take your anti-sickness meds and carry whatever helps when you feel motion sick like ginger chews or limes or oranges. I personally find awala supari (salted and sundried  gooseberries) very helpful. If you ride in the front of the boat, you will get wet. Notice how I say, will and not might? You will get wet.

After a while the Husband dosed off. When he woke up from his little nap an hour or so later and asked me, ” What did I miss?”,  I was so  tempted to say ” A big whale jumped out of the water!” Alas, that was not true. He had missed nothing.

Cape May beach is a lovely place to take a swim. The water is quite deep close to shore itself. There is the regular boardwalk stuff, plus  a Putt Putt range right outside the beach. There is also a very famous hotdog vendor there. I overheard someone say that if you ask them for mustard and ketchup/catsup you won’t get any. You’ve got to ask for some yellow ( or brown) and red. The Washington Street Commons, a shopping area that extends for 3 blocks and houses some very interesting stores is an other agreeable diversion nearby.


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