Grand Canyon Road Trip

I had planned a road trip to the Grand Canyon and Death Valley earlier this year. It was just a plan, I didn’t know when we would get around to it. All I knew was I wanted to do it. Well, it is about to materialize, with a few changes albeit. For starters, we won’t be going to Death Valley.  It’s just too hot now and we don’t want to be those two who died in Death Valley and gave credence to its name.

So here’s the new plan.

Day 1 – Fly into Phoenix. Drive down to the Grand Canyon.Take in the sunset. Stay overnight. We wanted to camp there.The desert view camp ground would have been ideal, but there were a few logistical confusions and now we will be staying at, I forgot..will have to ask the Husband. We will be close to the south rim though.

Day 2 –  Wake up before dawn. Watch the sunrise over the canyon. Breakfast. Drive down to Antelope canyon. Try to do both the Upper and Lower canyons. If you can do just one, do the less crowded Lower Canyon. The Upper Canyon tour needs to be booked in advance. I have not yet done that. I really need to micro plan that. Drive down to the Horse Shoe bend. Stay over night near the Antelope Canyon. Sadly, again no camping.

Day 3 – Try to do either the Bryce Canyon or the Sedona rocks. Maybe we can catch the humming bird migration in Sedona. Drive down to  to our final destination -San Diego.


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