Counting Stars

Colbie Caillat’s  video (and song) has (have) been making the rounds on FB for a few days now. It says you don’t have to try so hard to emulated the heavily made up  and  photo-shopped images the media bombards us with.  

Personally for me, it is not those images in magazines and advertising that make me feel inadequate. Its closer home. Its all those people of my social media networks. Everyone looks so pretty. Everybody dresses so  well. Everyone seems to be having a more “fun” job and everybody seems to be travelling to the destinations on my list, except me!

With everyone  “checking-in” on something “happening”, there is this incredible imaginary pressure to up your game. My trick is to quickly run through everything I have been up to. When I count them, and name them one by one, I’m quite happy what all I’ve done. 



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