Mountain View vineyards, winery and distillery

Mountainview vineyards and wineryNot to be confused with the city, Mountain View in California. This is a small family run business in the Poconos, PA.  It is a little difficult to locate the place as it is not very well marked along the way, but once you get there you’ll realize it wasn’t that hard.

They offer both wines and spirits for tasting, but they have to be done separately. You can’t do, say  3 wines and 2 spirits. If you’ve never tried moonshine, it’s up on the tasting menu here. They even have an apple pie version of it. They give suggestions on pairing, and offer tiny bites to let you judge.They have a few tables set out in the back where you can BYOF (Bring your own FOOD).  So we took our parathas and pickles and a box of cherries, and enjoyed them with a pitcher of Sangria. Strange bed fellows, eh?  It would have been a nightmare for them, but really much more memorable experience if they allowed picnicking in the vineyards.


* Place suggested by Anthea of Anthea’s Chronicles (currently more active  on Instagram )






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