Strawberry Fields

Everytime I go to San Diego, they  have something fun planned for me. This time it was strawberry picking.

Don't miss Lara, the juiciest strawberry in the field

Let me take you down, cos I’m going to Strawberry Fields

Although it’s been just a few months, it feels like such a long time since we saw Amma look so alive. We wandered through the fields looking for the biggest and reddest strawberries. The best ones were often those hidden from plain sight, under the leaves, at the bottom.It took us not more than half an hour to fill up our little containers*. As soon as I would be convinced that my container was full, my eyes would fall on the perfect strawberry, just begging to be picked. Amma did her best to convince Akash to pick and eat strawberries from the field while he insisted on eating only those strawberries that he had already picked and were in his basket. Finally Amma switched to picking another strawberry for each one that he ate.

*Containers were available for purchase at the entry. A small one costs $10 while the big ones cost $20. You had to buy one for every person over the age of 5 entering the field.

Edited to add – Amma and Raga observed that almost every family had there had children and had come with grandma.

** Carry water to wash and eat the strawberries.


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