Tulip Festival at Washington Park, Albany


Creating my own *”Monet”

Last Sunday, Livea, the Husband and I drove down to Washington Park for the Tulip festival. It was nothing like the romantic number from Yash Chopra’s Silsila, but it was beautiful. While those are more like fields of tulips, here tulips were planted in beds across the garden.

Rehm-o-ghumaan se door door,

As always with such festivals, parking was a problem. We managed to find a spot not too far, managed to lose our way back, and find it. If possible, it is a better to skip the festivals and weekends, and go on the week day to beat the crowds.


Vehm-o-ghuman se door door
Yakeen ke hadd ke pass pass
Dil ko bharam sa ho gaya hai
ki unko humse pyaar hai


When tulips were first introduced to Europe from Turkey, they became such a craze that tulip bulbs were being traded as commodities in the market at insane prices. Since the bulbs were physically available only at certain times in the year, most of it was traded as futures. Sure enough, one day that market crashed leaving in its wake a whole lot of bankruptcy. Read more about it here.Image



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