Last week, the Husband and I, attended our first live TED event. It was hosted by Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs at the Miller Theatre. The organizers sent out a link to live sketch notes made by another attendee.


I want to take up Fencing.


I could so-o relate to this. The children in the books I read growing up were nothing like me, so I tried to be like them.


I was really looking forward to this one, but missed it because it was right after the break and the break was too short.


He was interesting and spoke very well, but I think I could do this.


Food for Thought


She sang beautifully, and was so adorable. I don’t mind when people say, “My God! you look SO YOUNG! ” I’m in no hurry to grow up. A couple of the Husband’s friends thought he was marrying a minor. LOL.


We didn’t wait this long, but I’m sure he must have been very interesting.
After 2 hours and 8 talks, we were done for day. We left before the 3rd and final section.

The complete set of  live sketch notes made by Connie.


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