Chugga chugga chugga

Every year, the New York Transit Museum, at the Grand Central Terminal puts up a Holiday Train Show. This exhibit is generally open Nov 16 through Dec 24. I thought I had missed it this year, so I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in yesterday and found it was still there.


Holiday Train Show at Grand Central

The wall mural for this season are characters from Maira Kalman’s Next Stop Grand Central.The display has been extended upto  Feb 23, 2014 this year. The museum has a gift shop which could be a great place to pick up some not so common souvenirs and gifts.

During the holiday season, Grand Central is also host to the expensive but delightful and quirky Vanderbilt holiday market. They also had a wonderful Centennial Market during the holiday season in 2013. I have not seen that market before or after, so I am not quite sure if it was a recurring holiday special or a part of the centennial celebrations or is a regular market held on specific days.

*Sorry about the picture quality. They were taken on a phone.


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