‘Tis the Season

New York City has several Holiday traditions. Last year we checked out Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular. We also stood in a line that wound all around the store to meet Santa at Macy’s on 34th street.This year, we’ve had a busy season with friends and what-not. We are also having a bit of inclement weather over the past week. The polar vortex  has  sent temperatures dipping below the freezing point of water. I put out some water for the birds and critters, it froze.

Today, since along with being brrrrr, it was also bright and sunny I decided to  take in another NYC holiday tradition – the Holiday Train Show at the Botanical Gardens. Getting there was fairly simple. The Botanical Gardens have a Metro North Station named after them, bang opposite one of the entrances. The show was set up inside the conservatory, making it weather-proof.


The Conservatory

Little trains of all sorts run through a carefully re-constructed NYC through the ages. A treat to watch for the old and young, and all those in between! An interesting observation I made was everyone there was either with a young child, or a senior citizen. It puzzled me till I realized it was an afternoon on a working day.


Replicas of famous NYC landmarks have been meticulously created using tree bark, nuts and leaves.The level of detail was astounding.

How many landmarks can you identify?

Here’s another New York tradition incorporated – the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and Angels; which we did last year.


How can we talk trains and forget Thomas and Friends? The kids squealed with delight at these exhibits.


Thomas and Friends

At the end of the entirely enjoyable afternoon, the was still one train waiting for me.



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