Graveyard Walk

All dressed up as Kiki and Jiji we took the train from Stamford to Grand Central. The Husband’s initial mortification of having to travel by public transport dressed like a cat was soon assuaged by the sight of other people taking the train dressed like dragons, devils and what-nots! Clearly misery is not the only one who loves company.

 Grand Central had transformed into a land of magical beings and mythical beasts. On stepping out we found, it was not just the terminal, there were fantastic looking creatures wandering everywhere. Following some, and getting directions from helpful policemen we reached our destination-The Parade entry!

Hordes  fantastic, waiting to enter the Parade

Twenty mins later we were in. From cute to macabre; slinky, sexy, funny, creepy, kinky, crazy and simply outrageous. They were all there.

Sinister, grotesque,glamorous,sexy,outrageous cute, fun..

At the beginning, I was quite shy of asking people to pose for me. But seeing how  willingly strangers obliged photo requests, I got bolder.



Nothing screams couple like co-ordinated costumes.

There's more  to LOVE than flying cherubs and candy hearts

There’s more to LOVE than flying cherubs and candy hearts

Gruesome floats dotted the parade. Buildings along the way were decorated keeping with the theme.


The crowd was marvelous too. Three or more people deep, some in costume, they cheered and enjoyed.


Walking along, I hear a couple of excited voices call out ” Kiki! Kiki!!, You are Kiki, right?” Oh, the thrill of being recognized! We even met another Kiki.

Sharing a Kiki moment

I could see that a lot of thought had gone into each costume. Some were done at home, some were store bought and beautifully personalized. Age, clearly had nothing to do with enthusiasm.

Creativity and Enthusiasm take a bow

Not just age, species was no bar either.


That night we had dinner surrounded by Batman, Robin, witches and princesses.

DSC_0192At last the night came to an end.DSC_0189


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