Of all the lands I have visited, or will ever visit I think Monsterland is the most exciting. It is inhabited by mean giants and gruffalos. Lorikeets flutter around keeping safe distance from these monsters. Occasionally a fox, or a wolf, or even a coyote maybe spotted here.

*Akash and I would seek safety in a blanket doubling up as our tent. The giants were mean, but we were not nice either. It’s common knowledge that giants don’t like being yelled at. Nobody does. So, we would  tease them by shouting “Baah” and quickly hiding in our tent. It reminds me of those boring studying holidays when Sam and I would yell ” Rajuuu, Raju Chacha!!” at people passing under our window and hide, for kicks!!

When the enraged giants came looking for us, we would drive away or fly off in our airplane.To Los Angeles! To San Francisco! To New York! Bombay! Bangalore! even China!! Sometimes the naughty baby grufallo would run off and be lost. The amma gruffalo would come looking for it and insist on checking if Akash was her baby. The lorikeets very a friendly lot. We loved feeding them and even bringing them into our tent. They would bring us blue berries to buy peace with the Blueberry Giant.

 Fi-Fie-Fo-Fum!! Oh no! Oh no! the Giant has come!!


How I miss Monsterland!

 *Akash – my 3 year old nephew



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