Lets Play Dress Up!!

I was thinking of a way to bring up New York city’s annual Halloween Parade to the Husband, when one of his colleagues invited us to join him for it. He had one condition though, we would have to be in costume. He was going to go as Cuban Pete and was pretty kicked about it. I hesitated, and expressed some reluctance and apprehension. Finally, in a show of ” well- if -you-boys-insist” I conceded. Secretly, I was as kicked as he was. I sought  costume suggestions and politely considered them. Truth is, I already knew what we were going as. I just wasn’t ready to let on.

Later at home, we tossed around the suggestions- Jack and Jill; Aladdin and Jasmine. We threw in a few of our own –  Raja Hooja and Tantri the Mantri; Keechu and Meechu  the rabbits; Shikari Shambhu and his wife. For a brief while I even considered Roger and Jessica Rabbit. Finally we decided. The costumes were simple. I had a dress and a pair of shoes that would be just perfect. I even had a bag. All we needed were a pair of ears, a tail and a big red hair bow.Seemingly easy purchases, except  that we were too late. Too late to order online and the stores seemed to be sold out on ears and tails. I couldn’t find a  big red hair bow either. In addition we were moving to Stamford that weekend.

To cut a long story short, I managed to procure a pair of ears the Husband was willing to wear and put together a tail. Halloween was not over yet, and Christmas decorations had already started making an appearance. I used those to make my bow.  Two short make up tutorials on YouTube and we were all set to be transformed into “Kiki and Jiji


I am Kiki in so many ways.I have flown in here from my home country and most of the difficulties I face are due to my own insecurities. Like Kiki, I’m also looking for a purpose; trying to reclaim, in my case what I think I have lost.  In all this, I am so glad to have my Jiji by my side. He does his best to boost my confidence. His faith in my abilities is now starting to show results. I may not show it, but I really appreciate all that he does for me.

Especially the madder things , like being my cat..purrrrrr


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