Fall Madness

Back home, we have only 3 seasons – Summer, Monsoon(lovingly known as Rainy) and Winter. Fall/Autumn is something I have never seen. I am naturally excited about my first fall. Since we live in one of the northeast states, we will experience the wonderful colours of fall. Delaware, however, is the one of the lowest of the northeast states and Fall is taking her time coming here. Northern Vermont is past peak and the colours are just beginning to peek in Delaware.


Birdeye view of Big Pocono State Park

Afraid that by the time fall peaks in Delaware, we would have moved northwards, where it would be past peak, I badgered the Husband into a ‘fall colours trip’. Since Vermont is just too far to drive down to, we settled on Litchfield Hills in New England, and going as far as The Berkshires, Mass. if we have the time. We  ended up doing a scenic drive to the Big Pocono State Park in Central PA.

At the Poconos we saw Fall in all her glory. The colours were so striking. Red,yellow, orange, green and even purple…I have never anything like this!! On weekends, a cable car runs through the park, letting you experience the foliage in a whole new way. We went on a Friday. How sad!

We drove down to Lake Pocono to take in the  autumn splendor reflected on water. Lake Pocono turned out to be private property and trespassing is prohibited. There was a board which said so at the entry. There was also another one  which said ‘Turn Here’. Not willing to give up we drove across to Lake Naomi. The foliage on our side of the lake was still green, but on the opposite side, and on the island in between, was Fall putting on a little show.


Tandoor Palace Indian Restaurant

If you are visiting the Poconos, I suggest you plan for lunch at the Tandoor Palace Indian Restaurant. Every dish on the buffet, from the starters to the desserts was highly satisfactory. (I won’t use meeting or exceeding expectations because that would depend on how high your expectations are, and frankly MY expectations from *desi restaurants outside of des is very low. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure someone else’s expectations of say Mexican food outside Mexico may be just as poor.)

By the time we got home, we knew the day had been well spent. Our bellies were full and our eyes were saturated with the splendor of fall.

* desi – Indian; des- India

** Scroll over photos


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