For Freedom and Liberty, Ring!Ring!!Ring!!!

ImagePhiladelphia’s most photographed tourist attraction is probable the Liberty Bell. The bell has long been a symbol for liberties gained and liberties denied.

The first time we were supposed to view it was as a part of our East Coast tour with the in-laws. Sadly, due to some gaps in communication with the tour group, we missed it. The next time the Husband and I went, the viewing hours were over. We did get a peek though the glass though. Third time we were lucky. We made it into the Liberty Bell Center. The line to see the Liberty bell snakes all the way around the center. As with most US attractions that have long queues, there are pictures, facts, trivia and memorabilia along the way. Please note, touching the bell is prohibited. I wasn’t aware, and leaned in and touched it. The guard there promptly and politely shook his head.

ImageA  2.1 scale replica of the bell was cast as Bicentennial gift from the American Legion. This bell is placed opposite the Union Station in Washington.


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