DSC_0004-001One day we decided we need to explore our surroundings and set off for the Newark Reservoir. Car parking was at the base of a little hillock, at the top of which was the reservoir. Once you park your car, we have the choice of taking either the paved road to the top, of scrambling up the grassy hillock like I did. We were lucky with our timing and reached the top around sunset.

DSC_0035The paved area around the water seemed to be a popular with fitness enthusiasts. We saw several people walking or jogging along the waterfront. We decided to be a little different, and take a walk in the adjoining woods instead. Since we could see homes at the edge of the thicket we deemed it safe to walk through. Even though we were well into August, we saw a few fireflies twinkling among the trees. I am sure the place would be teeming with fireflies and look absolutely magical in June.
DSC_0054As we approached the other end of the trail, I heard something move behind me. I turned around just in time to see a fox like animal disappear into the shrubs. Frightened, I ran to catch up with the Husband. The trail was not a loop, so we had to take the same path back to get to our car. The sun had set, and we were loosing light. Bravely, we re-entered the groove armed with fallen branches. We didn’t meet Mr. Fox on our way back. At the reservoir, it was time for the birds to come home.

Taking a cue, we strolled down to the parking lot and drove back to our little nest.


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