What’s for LUNCH?

Recently we tried two interesting food options, bento boxes and dimsums.

Running out of new lunch options in and around where we stay, we decided to try out a bento box place in Philly, and spend the rest of the day exploring the city. Finding Tampopo, was not difficult. Finding parking was!


The Vegetarian Box

Tampopo is a tiny Japanese and Korean eatery. I picked this place on account of it being vegetarian friendly. No waiting, no crowds, yet not deserted. Good food, reasonably priced.  I  was certainly not disappointed. The Husband however, felt let down seeing the no sushi sticker on their sushi menu.

The other place we tried was Ping Pong dimsum.

The Vegetarian Power Lunch in the foreground and the Non-Vegetarian Power Lunch in the background

Dim Sum lunches

We entered quite by chance. We happened to be in the neighbourhood and walked in for the dim-sums.  I was pleasantly at the variety of vegetarian options they had. Though a little pricey, the food was good and the lunch was quite relaxing.

When I was working with the Taj group, in Colaba ( Mumbai, India), a place called All Stir Fry used to be one of our favourite lunch options. I am sure, if we were working around Ping Pong, it would have quickly become our lunch haunt.


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