…Just so you know.

Without taking away from Mrigank’s post, I’d like to add that people are a lot more aware these days. Atleast the people I meet are.

Somehow it always comes as a surprise when they hear me speak Tamil. Even to the Tamilians. Actually mostly to the Tamilians. When they manage to connect Murugan to ‘Madrasi’, it confuses them to hear me speak in Marathi.  Honestly, I LOVE the perplexed looks on their faces.

I enjoy yelling ” Poda -da rascalla!!” in jest, because I know that’s the one thing most people do get, but they don’t know any more words to answer back.

Most people I know would probably respectfully touch their earlobes, if they had to take M.S’  name. And how else do you describe Kathakali, if not as ‘woh mask-wallah dance’. Most people are also aware of ‘Bhaaratnatyam’  and are quite surprised that even though I’m a ‘South Indian’, I am not trained in it.

Also, in my experience no one really says ‘Madrasi’ any more. Most of them manage ‘Chinaay’ or ‘Taamil Nadu’.

Mrigank Warrier's Blog

Yes, you who revel in South Indian stereotypes. You who believe that we ‘Madrasis’ actually say ‘Yenna Rascalla’ out loud.

Read, and learn.

1. Geography: ‘South’ is a direction; Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are states. Hubli is in Karnataka, Hooghly in Paschimbanga. Tirupati, Tirunelveli and Thiruvananthapuram are not baaju baaju mein. And Sri Lanka is more than a paddle-boat ride away.

2. Languages: ‘Andu-Gundu-Naaru-Gundu’ may have profound meaning in modern Haryanvi, but is gibberish in Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Tulu. ‘South Indian’ is not a language – Tamilians will comprehend Telugu the day Mamtadidi spouts Gujarati. It kills me when you blurt out ‘Illay Illay Po’, and howl, as though what translates to ‘No No Go’ is somehow tremendously funny.

3. Pronunciations: Do not attempt to sing the Malayalam lines from ‘Jiya Jale’. Notice how even Lata Mangeshkar didn’t? Touch the tip…

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