An Evening in Diu

April 2013


Gangeshwar Temple

I wasn’t sure what to expect here. I guess I expected a little  concrete temple, with a stone idol. I was in for a surprise. Sure, there was a little temple, but behind the temple was a short stairway leading to a sea cave. In the cave were 5 Shiv-lingas. In the past, water from the sea would come in, bathe the idols and lap at their feet/base. The sea worshiping its great Master!


Hoka Trees

There is now a concrete barrier to break the waves, but one can still see an occasional wave wash over the lingas.


I had heard a lot about the sea shell museum. This private collection is open to public for a nominal fee. The museum is touted to have a total collection of about 2500 to 3000 sea shells. It is the first museum in the world to display shells under magnifying glasses. I had been urged not to miss it. Sadly, it was shut both times I tried.

Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach

I spent the rest of the evening on Nagoa beach. This little beach is the perfect place to unwind. Unlike Goa, there are no shacks, nor do you find groups of people bonding over alcohol. This is a ‘family’ beach. The sands are clean and the water is clear. Beware though, the floor is rocky in parts and the rocks are sharp enough to cut your feet.  One can also try out a variety of water sports here.  On the other side of the beach is a rocky bit, where I saw a number of people tide pooling.

Tide Pool catch

After wandering around for a while, I settled down with a choco-bar and watched the world go by.  Me and my camera aroused much curiosity Strangers gladly posed, and even requested photographs. They would want to know more about me. Where I came from, what I was doing here, where I would be going from here…

DSC_1006Enjoying myself thoroughly, I ended the Diu leg of my trip on a high note. Tomorrow, I would set out for Gir, the last home of the Asian lions.


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