Alligator Spotting

On day 2 of our Miami trip, we were supposed to travel to Key West for water sports. Getting into the car, we swapped it with the activities for day 3 and drove on towards the Everglades.  Stopping at Ed’s Coral Castle on the way. After marveling Ed’s craziness and  sheer genius at his Coral Castle, we continued our drive to the Everglades.

The Everglades, is a wetland eco-system. We hoped to see alligators there.  Being the wet season, several of the trails at the Everglades were not recommended due to mosquito menace. Like the ranger at the reception put it, ” You could take the trail, but if you find a lot of mosquitoes, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.”

The afternoon was pleasantly spent on various trials.


Alligator hiding in the swamp

We spotted alligators in the marshes. Little Akash is thrilled to hear about this. “Were there SO MANY alligators?”, he asks. “Ammaaa, Chitti saw ALLIGATORS. Three Alligators. They were hiding in the water.” , he informs his mother.


Crazy colourful insects go about their business, doing their best to ignore the clickety clatter of shutter happy tourists

We also saw turtles, heard frogs,  and saw and heard various insects and birds.

Our last activity for the day was a boat ride to the back country, where we hoped to see marsh crocodiles. Although we didn’t see them, the ride was pleasurable and informative. Discounting the annoying yellow flies, that is. The only thing that works on the pesky creatures is a fly swatter.  The flies were such a menace that tourists who would normally keep to their own groups were soon helpfully swatting flies off absolute strangers on the boat.

I was quite surprised to hear that there was a sizable population of Burmese Pythons in the Everglades.  An after effect of trade in exotic pets, they say.

As we headed for shore, it started to rain, bringing day 2 too to a wet and happy ending.


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