Salsa – The Night I danced with Strangers

Last Saturday we decided take in the sights and sample Philadelphia’s famous nightlife.

Our original choice, recommended by one of the Husband’s friends, opens quite late – well into the night by US standards. The next place we picked up at was oddly located right off the highway. Circling the block, we found a huge parking space behind. It turned out that that parking lot belonged to a casino and that illegally parked cars would be towed. Since there didn’t seem to be any mechanism to determine if you went to the casino or not I was all for parking, but the Husband felt otherwise.

The third place turned out to be a delightful surprise. Unknowingly we landed up at a salsa dancing club. We were just in time for the free lessons they offered prior to opening up the dance floor.

Everyone on the floor could dance to some degree, but there were some who were quite an act, both together and individually.

A few drinks down, armed with our newly acquired dancing skills we hit the dance floor for a fun night. I am a terrible dancer, and mostly keep away from the floor, so it was quite an experience for me. Not only did I dance with the Husband, I also dance with absolute strangers.

I don’t think I danced very well, but I know it’s going to make my mother thrilled  that I just danced!!

The last guy I danced with, turned out to be from Goa. He said he worked in the restaurant next door. He and his friends then directed us to another restaurant further down the road for some late night/really early morning grub.

That place turned out to be a hookah bar!


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