How They ruined Superman Forever

We saw the latest Superman movie last night.

They’ve RUINED it 😦

They’ve ruined it for all the old timers and I don’t see any reasons for the noobs to fall in love.

The new Superman looks good and all, but where are those steel blue eyes? And while we are on the matter of colour, what have they done to his suit? It’s a nice superhero suit, but it’s NOT SUPERMAN!! The blue is so dark, that it could almost pass off for black. The dark dirty yellow can barely be seen. They’ve even done away with his signature RED OVER-UNDERPANTS!! The butt of all Superman jokes!!

Honestly, who calls Superman, that alien (even if he is one). And in the fight scene, Zod catches his cape and spins him around mid-air. The perils of wearing a cape!! Maybe, they should have done away with that too. The worst was probably that army captain going ” He’s hot!” at the end. He’s HOT alright, but that not what Superman does to you. You’re not supposed to squeal “HOTTIE” at him, you’re supped to sigh, “My Hero” to yourself.

The movie was just 2+  hours of everything blowing up – LOUDLY. Glass and concrete flying in my face all the while, in 3-D,  in the middle of the night was just too much for me to take.

At the end, I actually wanted to demand a refund. And to be allowed to throw my 3-D glasses at the screen.


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