Let’s Drink to That

Coming from India, there are certain things I take for granted. For example: self locking locks or Godrej locks as they are commonly known back home. I now have remind myself to lock the door behind me every time I enter the house.

More than everything else, I am used to being offered water as soon as I’m seated in a restaurant – WITHOUT having to ask for it. I’m used to waiters hovering around my table and refilling my water automatically.  Here, in the USA water is a drink you have to ask for. When they ask you, “Would you care for something to drink?” It’s perfectly normal to say, “Yes. I’ll have a glass of water.”

The other day, I gave in to  the Husband’s whims and we went to an Indian place for lunch. The food was average as expected, but in a true desi style our glasses were filled with water as soon as we were seated. Not only that, they were also promptly refilled without have to ask.

I was so thrilled, that I felt almost obliged to tip even though it was a buffet!!

P.S- Buffets are tip-able because, although the wait staff doesn’t wait on you, they do work hard keeping your table clean of the empty plates after multiple trips to the buffet line. In addition to this, they often help to keep the buffet line stocked and clean.

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