Ocean City


Ocean City

Ocean City is one of the many little seaside towns that dot the east coast of the USA, and probably no different from any of them.

It’s got the ocean,  lovely beaches and a vibrant boardwalk. What sets it apart is that it’s got the sea (or ocean) on both sides. It’s like a sand bar jutting out into the ocean. To be more specific, and basically correct, it’s on a spit.


Crab House

On the boardwalk there are several places that sell crabs. Not just dead and cooked – live hermit crabs. The novelty/souvenir stores on the boardwalk, sell crabs in crazy painted shells. I would totally condemn this, like those poor coloured chicks they sell back home in India, had I not found out that hermit crabs live in second hand shells. They use shells abandoned by other creatures.  Not only do the shops sell crabs, they also sell cages for them; and wood and other other cage decorations. If you’re wondering what to feed the crabs, they sell crab food.

We, well I poked around a little in one of the stores and found that they sell not just crabs, but also African frogs in little aquariums and dead dog sharks in jars.

You can call me CRAZY, but clearly I’m not the ONLY ONE!!

Resisting all temptation to buy the  crabs, or little frogs we left with a pair of super cute turtles made by gluing shells together.


Rules! Rules!! Rules!!!


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